Lethargy and Mild Depression during taper

I wanted to get some insight from this forum.
I have been following a XC Marathon MTN bike mid volume plan on TR since the middle of June. I am in the last week of the taper -main event 4 days away. The last 5-6 days I have felt very sleepy and lethargic throughout the day with some mild symptoms of depression (loneliness mostly). No major change to my diet or extra stress at work. Curious if anyone else experiences anything similar during a taper?

ignore your feelings during a taper. It’s fake news! just kidding, but actually not.

I think lots of experience a wide range of emotions during a taper. It’s probably a bit of a feeling like you should be doing something else, but you can’t because you’re in a taper. I’m pretty sure that’s normal. Try to find something fun to do since you have time off the bike you can enjoy a little extra slice of life.


100% normal. How have you felt immediately after one of your short/intense workouts during the taper?


I’ve never not felt like shit during a proper taper.


Most of the ride I have felt great. The ride today was challenging but only 30 minutes.

How did you feel Post ride?

I feel energized and back to being lethargic.


I think you’re exactly where you need to be. Do some openers if that’s you’re typical MO. Crush that race and let us know how you go!


Yep, hate tapers… although my wife hates my tapers more as apparently I’m a right miserable bugger during them! :joy::joy::joy:

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