Leaving dropper post down for a few days

I’m going to be packing up my XC bike in a new EVOC airplane bag in a few days for a trip a few days after that. Is there any harm in leaving my dropper ‘dropped’ for a few days?

The last two droppers I bought came that way. So I’d say no problem.

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Should be fine. Could always let the air out if you want to not have it “loaded” the whole time. Or could possibly remove it from the frame depending how difficult it would be to re-connect

They are shipped compressed.

But also usually with no air inside

It’s fine, leave it down. there’s no need to remove air.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I ended up reaching out to PNW and this was their reply, I’ll leave it here for future use:

“Thanks for reaching out! That is a good question to ask. You will be perfectly fine storing and shipping the bike with the post compressed without any problems. You just don’t want to have it stored that way for long periods of time.”

I had asked if leaving it for “a few days” was fine, so I interpret longer term to mean weeks or longer.

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Yeah my interpretation would be it’s okay to ship or travel with it like that but you wouldn’t want to put it away for winter or something with it compressed