MTB packing for air travel question

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I’m packing my bike today for some adventures in South Africa. I have the EVOC (non-pro) bag and the “how to” videos don’t say how to deal with the AXS reverb dropper post. I understand it is easy to take the whole thing out of the frame when packing, but this exposes the frame to top-down force (e.g. careless ground handling). If I keep the seatpost in, I have to drop the seatpost which I think is not ideal either. What’s the lesser of the two evils?



If you’re worried about impact to the top of the frame or the Reverb just throw and old dummy post into the frame instead.

That being said… I have a Pika soft bag that I’ve flown with tons that absolutely can’t have a seatpost left in and the frame has been fine. I always put plumbing insulation around the top tube and over top of the seat post opening.

Why is dropping the seatpost not appealing to you?

I don’t know. I heard that’s a bad idea. But if you tell me it’s ok, that solves the problem.

I’ve never heard it to be an issue, nor ever considered it an issue.

It’s not long term storage. They’re a sealed unit as far as pressure goes.

I know very few mtbers with wireless droppers and all the riders I travel with just utilisr full drop to pack their bike. I have to drop mine into the frame as well, but am tempted to go to a 190mm dropper just to remove one extra setting/bolt to check on reassembly.

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Once the wheels are packed, are they not taller than the top of the seat tube?

just jam an old tube or some rags in the seat tube. You’ll need the towels to clean your bike anyway. The tires should be taller than the seatpost anyway.

I’d just lock the reverb in the down position and take the air out of (using the pump bleeder).

I have a DAKINE soft bag for air travel.
For shipping I drop the air in my shock and fork to 50lbs psi. Don’t let all the air out or the negative chamber will have to rebalance when you go back to full pressure. I drop my tubeless tires to 10psi or so. I never reduce my dropper pressure.

As for the seat height, don’t lower it all the way; set it just low enough to keep the full shape of the bag. I also use rubber twist ties from the seat rails to the frame to make sure it doesn’t extend if the lever is hit accidentally. (Not an issue for AXS with batteries removed).

I also put my tailgate pad around the front fork and bar for extra padding and something on top of the stem and seat.

Have a good trip !


I didn’t change pressure in the shock or fork for shipping. Is that bad?

Also, why not lower seat all the way? I left the seat clamp relaxed to allow the saddle to absorb lateral forces without putting pressure on the frame. Mistake?

I know you said you got the AXS but FWIW I had the same question with my PNW dropper, I emailed the company and they said it was fine for a day or two of travel. I’m sure SRAM customer service could give you answer

Where all are you planning on riding in South Africa?

Van Gaalen Trails, Hennops, etc. when visiting in-laws in Gauteng, but then heading out to Cape Town area for trails behind Lourensford (last year’s Cape Epic prologue) and Jonkershoek (part of last year’s Cape Epic Stage 6)…

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Because I’m big 104kg) I run very high air pressures. I let some out just to be safe they don’t overpressure in the cargo hold. But really, since that hold is pressurized it should not matter.

You can drop the post all the way, but I like to keep bike seat pushing on the top of the bag to avoid any movement of the frame. The DAKINE and EVOC are pretty secure though.


I run a tubeless set up with low pressures, but dropped tire pressure to 1 bar anyway.

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