Leather vs Synthetic shoes

I’m finally narrowing down my choice for large shoes and the final match is going on between Lake cx 332 and Fizik vento infinito carbon 2. I’m leaning towards Lakes a bit more but the cangaroo leather is still holding me back a bit.
The way I see it a leather cycling shoes may have that “vintage” flavor compared to the usual synthetic shoes we are all accustomed to,but that’s pretty much it. What all other advantages to it ? I ride during winter only and although being a mild winter,leather is renowed for passing cold temperature once its surface gets cold too. But also what about long term durability and mainteinance needs ? I’be beated the heck out of my SIDI’s both road and mtb and after 11 years they can still take it ( synthetic)
And yes, wife not happy about buying me a cangaroo made shoe but it’s my 50th birthday so she can’t say no…

I know you said you had large feet, but that seems excessive.


I know nothing about this, but is the 332 actual kangaroo leather, I was understanding the K-lite (and the advert on sigma says it k-lite) is Nike’s synthetic kangaroo leather

Explained here (the title for this video is Will This Material Be The End Of Kangaroo Leather Football Boots | What is Nike Kanga / K - Lite? )

I only know what a relative told me, so I can’t help much more than ask the question, but I didn’t think klite was actual kangaroo leather

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Thanks Chad, I was starting to think I had drunk a little to much water !!!

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Leather shoes all the way! They’re comfortable, durable, and age beautifully. Plus, they’re a timeless style statement. If you’re into quality leather goods, check out Von Baer’s website at vonbaer.com for some top-notch leather products!

I have the Lake’s I ordered from their custom program, which may be the greatest deal in custom shoes due to the extremely low price on top of the regular shoe where you can spec some width, cleat type upper material and colorways. They are fantastically comfortable and durable. I cannot say they will last for 11 years since that depends on far too many factors. Have no first hand experience with Fizik. As for synthetic shoes such as Sidi, I think color has much to do with it. I have a pair of Ergo 3’s in white that look like crap from staining that will not clean off and they are not even in the same conversation as the Lake’s for comfort.

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Here we go !

Using my brand new CX 332 and they seems to get better after each and every ride, amazing shoes !
I had to see my bike fit guy for cleats anyway, that was pivotal…