Leather vs Synthetic shoes

I’m finally narrowing down my choice for large shoes and the final match is going on between Lake cx 332 and Fizik vento infinito carbon 2. I’m leaning towards Lakes a bit more but the cangaroo leather is still holding me back a bit.
The way I see it a leather cycling shoes may have that “vintage” flavor compared to the usual synthetic shoes we are all accustomed to,but that’s pretty much it. What all other advantages to it ? I ride during winter only and although being a mild winter,leather is renowed for passing cold temperature once its surface gets cold too. But also what about long term durability and mainteinance needs ? I’be beated the heck out of my SIDI’s both road and mtb and after 11 years they can still take it ( synthetic)
And yes, wife not happy about buying me a cangaroo made shoe but it’s my 50th birthday so she can’t say no…

I know you said you had large feet, but that seems excessive.