Leaky aortic valve - planning a comeback after replacement

I’m looking at open heart surgery in January to fix or replace my leaky aortic valve. I also have some aortic enlargement going on, but I hope that’s going to get better after they work their magic. Needless to say, I’m pretty worried about the surgery and the recovery.

To turn my focus into better things, I’m trying to figure just how to get back on the bike next summer. I’m naturally going to follow my doctors advice to not mess with the sternum healing and so on, but after that’s all sorted out, I’d like to get back to being able to ride centuries/marathon MTB without much hassle. Maybe I’d even be able to do Trainerroad next winter.

Has anyone here upgraded their valves or otherwise underwent a heart surgery? How did your recovery go?


@Cheddarbane i can only speak to part of your question. My sister and brother both had valve replacement this year due to a congenital issue with the aortic valve. (Other sister and myself got lucky.). Neither is a cyclist, but both were in excellent health (52 an 44 years old). Sister recovered well from surgery in May and is quite active again. Brother is just 2 weeks post op, but is progressing well so far.

Best wishes for a strong and speedy recovery.


Wishing you a strong recovery my friend.


I hope all goes well for you.

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