Leadville Qualifying: Austin Rattler

Hey All, I submitted my application for the lottery, but its my backup plan for getting into Leadville. The Austin Rattler Is pretty close to me, so I plan on attending it. My question is, how likely is using the qualifying race to gain entry to Leadville? I know in 2018 the race was raining or wet so the results were skewed. in 2017, There were 100 riders in the 30-39 AG, How far down do Leadville invites roll? alternatively, the raffle, is it any more likely than the main lottery?

You have a much better shot of getting an entry at the end of race raffle than the online lottery. I’d say about 1/3 people that are present for the raffle at the end of most races will get a slot, versus a much lower rate for the online lottery.


@evokevin In the 2018 100k Austin Rattler the mud was bad and the front guys were in the mid 4 hour hr mark and were given a 40 minute allowance because of the rainy/muddy conditions. If you go here and do some homework Leadville Qualifing
you will get a better understanding of the allotments and how it all works. Rocky Hill is a great course and lots of fun when its DRY!

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Thanks, and yeah I read the allotment page but it doesn’t really answer any questions (a lot like ironman kona slots… it’s a mystery how many slots per AG, and how far they roll down). My primary question is how fast do I need to be to get a slot based off finish position and not have to hope for a lottery or raffle.

Given the numbers and the random allotment of 25-100 then the breakdown between each AG it is truly anyones guess. BUT if you want to qualify for Leadville you need to be on your game and race hard in your AG of 30-39. But what you can do is hit Rocky hill a few times and ride the 100k course to get a idea of your time and compare it to the posted qualifying times of sub 7 hours for the purple corral.

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Generally top 10 for large AG and top 3 or 5 for small AG