Leadville 2023 Deferrals? No response to request

Has anyone received a response to a Leadville deferral request this year?

I had to have shoulder surgery earlier this year and the surgeon and physical therapist said there was no way I should consider riding a 100 mile race in August, so I first sent in a deferral request in March to the email on the race website that it says to use.

I did not receive a response. I checked my Spam folder to make sure it hadn’t gone there.

I sent another request 2 or 3 weeks later. No response.

I sent another request 2 or 3 weeks later from a different email address just in case there was an issue with one that I used to register for the race. No response.

I have now sent 6 requests for a deferral from 3 different email accounts and have not received a response. It sounds like in past years people have received a response within a day or two of their requests.

I have continued to receive emails about the race, including my corral position yesterday.

There is no phone number to call on the race website and no other contact information. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get a hold of someone so that I can successfully defer my entry to next year?

Yes, I got a response within a day or two.

Did you send to leadville@ltevents.zendesk.com ?

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Yes. That’s the email address I sent the requests to. Did they send the response from that same address or something else?

Thanks for letting me know that you heard back right away!

Did you receive one of the corral placement emails even though they confirmed your deferral?

Yes the responses were from the same email address.

No coral assignment email.

You can check your Chronotrack profile to see if your eligible for deferral. There is a process to go through from that site once they approve it including paying the entry fee, again. There was a link for me to click through on the right side of my entry confirmation.

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My Athlinks profile isn’t showing any upcoming events for me or anything at all regarding Leadville but that is the site that it took me to when I registered for the lottery, and I received both the lottery notification and the corral placement emails plus many other marketing emails from the Leadville Race Series.

You want to log into Chronotrack


You should see your race listed there with an option to view receipt, change race on the right side and I think they added a choice for deferral after I emailed them.

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Thanks for the continued help! Here’s what Chronotrack shows for me. Nothing about deferring. The Profile button takes me to my Athlinks profile where nothing shows for Leadville.

I’ll see if submitting a support request through Chronotrack gets me anywhere. Thanks again!

Chronotrack was able to get me in touch with someone from Lifetime and I now have successfully deferred my entry to next year!

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