Leadville 2021 Thread

I deferred my Leadville entry to 2021.

I’m coming off a pretty significant knee surgery (Total replacement) and I’m rebuilding base now as I try to lose some post-surgery weight.

I’m anticipating starting structured training on Nov 1. Too soon?

What are your plans for 2021?

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Just registered. I got a coin in the 2019 Austin Rattler. I deferred Leadville until 2020, and then deferred again to 2021 d/t COVID.

According to the 2021 Leadville website, my finish time at the Rattler of 4:21:13 puts me in the red corral. However, this race was cut short by one lap, so I’m wondering if this is right. Anyone have any insight, or any 2019 Rattler finishers in the same boat?

Registered last night as well, hopefully this thing will happen next year.

I also got my coin at the 2019 rattler. I had to contact them via email to get my corral position since the race was cut short. My finish time was 3:57 and they gave me purple corral. They are notorious for stingy corral placement at the rattler and they still need to work out the right cutoffs for the new course. The corral times on their website are for the entire course and are just silly. 4:30 for red would translate to 1:30 lap times. Only the top 3 finishers (pros) were barely at that pace for 2 laps and it’s likely they would have finished 3 laps slower than 4:30. So, nobody would have gotten better than green corral for that race if they didn’t adjust it. They need to add 60-90 minutes to all the corral times to make them reasonable unless they make the course much faster.

I ended up doing the stage race last year (8:05 finish) and improved to green corral and just 5 minutes off red. It’s a better course for me compared to rattler, but my fitness was similar and it just shows how silly the Austin corral times are. I’m still planning to do the rattler in a couple weeks, but I’m not expecting to improve on my green corral.

Yeah, I wish they’d post an update about the 2019 Rattler times. The chart makes no sense, since 2019 was literally only 2/3 the distance of 2018, and on a different course.

They’ll likely change the corral cutoffs, despite what’s posted in the table. They did this 2 years ago for the silver rush when they changed the course due to snow.

Here’s a table that allows you to translate your finish time from a qualifier to likely finish time for the LT100

There’s very little benefit to being in a Corral that’s faster than your ability.