Leadville 2022 Thread

The question regarding aid stations brings up anothe question: Is there a “strategy” that is best for planning for these spots with limited family?

No first hand experience myself but it might be worth looking to the LT 100 Podcast as they have done a few shows over the past few years that address crewing and aid station. Probably worth a search and listen.



There is usually a lot of traffic heading out of town to Twin Lakes, especially if she stays to watch the start. She’ll probably still make it if she stays for the start but if she wants to get there with plenty of time and less traffic, then best to skip the start line and head out early.

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This is true, but unless you’re setting out some ludicrously large encampment, there’s not much to worry about. My wife left with the mass of vehicles after the start and she was there for ages before I got there (~9 hour run).

Thats awesome, ty. Now instead of of a ‘ludicrously large encamptment’ I will give her ludcrous amounts of steps to follow for my success.

There is zero issues getting to twin lakes in time after watching the start. Even folks going to pipeline have time. The biggest challenge with twin lakes is she might be in for a long hike since parking is limited. If she’s bringing a bunch of gear (backup wheels, chair, cooler, etc.), make sure she has a wagon or something to haul it with. You can be walking a long way and part of it is a decent hill.

We tried to set up a pop up canopy at twin lakes the night before to stake out a spot and the forrest service and race folks were saying you can no longer set up night prior. They were actually taking stuff down that people had set up earlier.

I’ve had family/friends crewing once, and used the neutral aid once. The biggest difference is in the moral support from family/friends. The neutral aid stations are great. 3 people swarming you when you pull in. Water. Hold bike. Get gear bag. You could totally just rely on neutral aid.


This! I did it last time just using neutral aid and those volunteers were awesome but I’m looking forward to having my people out there this year for moral support.
I will have someone at Twin Lakes and just use neutral support elsewhere.

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This is incredible. I have only ever done one other big event, the Lutsen99er. I highly recommend it. The people were amazing. Most of them admitted to not riding much but loved helping us.

Thank you all for the notes. this is incredibly calming.