Leadville 2022 Thread

I did Lifetime Foundation charity slot last year. Had to raise or contribute $2400 all in. Tax deductible. What you don’t raise you contribute yourself. In addition to the race entry it also came with a custom kit and 2 tickets for a charity dinner before the race. There was also mention of VIP aid stations or something to that effect but I never noticed any if they existed.

Overall the process was positive. The program was well run and someone from LT foundation was assigned to me to help with questions.

Obviously it’s not cheap, but it’s basically the same price as doing the Camp+Entry option only it’s tax deductible and you’re also supporting a charity.

IMO I think it’s a good option if you have the means and in many cases probably isn’t more expensive than flights + hotels + entry fees to go do a qualifier and gamble on a spot and then separately pay the full LT100 entry fee if you do get one. Obviously doing qualifiers is fun in their own right, but for specific reasons last year I just wanted to lock in a slot early and not have to stress about it further.


Do you pay the whole $2400 upfront, then fundraise to make that back up? Do people end up raising more than the required amount? I think I might do this in 2023 or 2024. Seems like a great way to get into the race while doing some good.


Apologies if this has already been covered, but does finishing in the previous year get you into the following year automatically?

I finished in <8.5hours in 2021 but did not apply to the 2022 lottery. Do I need to complete a qualifier event this year to get in for 2022 or do I already have a place due to my 2021 finish?

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No you have to reapply/enter every year, either by the lottery, stage race, qualifiers, charity, etc. The only exception is the people who have done 15-20 of these.


May be different for different charity partners, but for mine it was $200 upfront to lock in entry. I immediately contributed more than that because I didn’t want anyone to think I was trying to fundraise to pay for my entry, but you don’t have to. You pay the remaining amount that hasn’t been fundraised at or after the race. Lifetime Foundation was super flexible for me, they called me a week or so after the race and asked if I wanted to continue to fundraise or pay out. I paid out. Some people end up raising more and obviously the charity would prefer that you raise as much as possible, but from what I saw the majority just hit the minimums.

No. I don’t know if this was ever true, but it was mentioned that it might be true in an old podcast which has caused a lot of confusion. It is definitely not true today. There are things that increase your odds to get into next year, but outside of super rare exceptions (which you would already know if applied to you) there is no guaranteed re-entry.

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I know it’s been mentioned previously, but the volunteer route seems like a great way to get in. I think 10 hours of volunteer work at the leadville 100 basically guarantees a spot. Does not apply to volunteering at qualifiers. I’ve never volunteered, but I plan to do so in the future, even if it’s not for a race entry. I’ve spent a week in leadville each of the last 3 summers and it’s a great place to spend a week in the summer, even without the race (especially if you live in TX where it’s 100F in August). Lots of good hiking, biking, atvs, etc. and you can also do easy day trips to vail, aspen, breckenridge as well. The entire race week has a cool vibe and you can pre ride the entire course (multiple times if you want), do your volunteer hours, and then come back the next year to race. It’s kind of like doing the camp, but cheaper and you can do all kinds of other stuff while you are there. Going during race week will also give you a feel for what it will be like when you come back and race the next year.


Got it, thanks. Here’s to hoping I don’t get a flat tire at Lutsen then!

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For sure. I’ve talked to a number of 1,000 mile buckle holders who have all said that the key to getting in consistently is volunteer hours.

That said, that doesn’t help you if you want get into this year’s race and missed the volunteer window last year. It is also by no guarantee cheaper than doing a charity slot depending on where you live and other personal situations. Making a vacation of it is a great suggestion, but a week vacation in CO can be way more than the cost of a charity slot.

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Yep, I was really comparing the cost to doing the camp. With the camp, you still need to pay to get there, pay for housing, etc., plus the cost of the camp. If you just head up there during race week, you get your volunteer hours in, enjoy all the activities, and pre-ride the course without paying the 2500 (or whatever it is). I’m not saying the camp is a bad deal, especially if you want some guidance with the course, but it’s not a fit for everyone.

Hard to argue with the charity approach when it’s for a good cause. I just struggle asking others for $, so it would be all on me and that’s a pretty steep donation.


Have you looked into a charity spot. Did this last year after bumped from 2020. Look at Live strong foundation, LEgacy foundation from Leadville, all the charities I think are listed on the Race series web site.

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Yes, and I’d rather do this than the camp… but sadly it’s not tax deductible in the UK, and it would still mean I start in the final corral. Cheapest realistic option is a qualifier and cross fingers for either a token or to get in via the lottery.

If neither worked then at least I could donate to get in via the charity entry without having to travel to the US again.

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Sign up for stage race if you get a coin just extend your stay

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Sadly that’s not realistic for me. I’d need a week there beforehand as I live at sea level (I tried riding the first few days last time, I felt like I was dying).

Plus it would probably be cheaper to do two trips than pay peak Leadville accommodation rates.

My story is a covid one. My buddy and I got in on our first try in 2020 but as a team. Does anyone know if a multiple person team has a better chance than an individual? With everything I’ve seen online my buddy and I think it had to have helped or we got REAL lucky.

I am chronicling my training - and other endurance related things - on this blog.

Hopefully it helps me stay consistant and others in their own journey.

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So interestingly, it turns out I have a flight booked that I had forgotten about. Making me wonder if I could do some volunteering instead. Would cost me a small fortune, but I basically get nothing back if I cancel the flight now so it’s a toss-up.

Will have to have a look into it, not really seen much about it.

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Is there no way to move the flight to a later date? I mean, there are a lot worse things MTB’ing in Colorado, but not sure I’d fly there just to volunteer tbh

No, I can cancel it but that’s it.

I worked out that it makes far, far more sense to pay for a charity entry than go that way anyway… and at least a charity gets a bunch of money.

If going charity route…. Ensure to pull any corporate matches fund raised 1500 company matched 1500 for the 3k….super smooth everyone wins🥳

Tips for support crews on race day getting to Twin Lakes? My gf will be the only one there helping me. Not sure how much of a pain it is getting to Twin Lakes after the start. I know they limit pit setup, tents, etc to day of?

My better half managed it without too much drama (or if there was, she never mentioned). Everyone there was properly friendly too.