Leadville 2021 Thread

Good luck to all you Leadville athletes!

I’ve been keeping an eye on this thread and a bit of social, and it sounds like an interesting year.

Who has a guess for the Pro race? I’m hoping Alex Wild can go for it, but Keegan seems in pretty outstanding form based on Nationals.

Hopefully @Nate_Pearson and @Jonathan can throw some in the know guesses out on the podcast tomorrow (if there is one).


I am hoping to see Alex up at the front as well! It is going to be a pretty stacked field though. I’m not sure how hard the Leadboat guys are planning to go on Saturday vs saving a little something for Sunday (which is also going to be a very strong field).

Big Names for Saturday
Alex Wild
Keegan Swenson
Howard Grotts
Payson McElveen
Laurens ten Dam
Peter Stetina
Lachlan Morton
Alex Howes
Eddie Anderson

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Are Morton and Howes returning? I hadn’t heard that.

I’ve seen Alex Wild out on the course a few times and at the Stage Race. Keegan was out riding yesterday. Hoping Alex Grant returns as well.

Grotts is interesting because it sounded like 2019 was going to be his swan song and now he is right back in the mix. Payson had a bad stomach in 2019, so is likely looking to have a much better day. And how will Laurens ten Dam handle the terrain?

Forecast for Saturday is looking great. Much of the smoke has cleared. Saturday is going to be a GREAT day! Good luck everyone!!


Hi - a Brit here, keen to follow the race. Is there any international and/or streamed media coverage (probably not?) or even any live tracking during the race? Or is Twitter my best bet?

Looks like Lachlan and Howes are in.

Impressive sounding field. I doubt this even covers it.


Live tracking here apparently:


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Is there any better live feed than leadville series twitter? They don’t have any updates…

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Did Lachlan not take the start? His name doesn’t show up when you search it in the results.

Stetina also…

They are posting some updates now…

Lachlan and Stetina were in that video above. Maybe something’s messed up with their tracking chips? or they both crashed out?

I would guess tracker issue. Pretty sure I saw two EF riders come through on that video of the leaders coming down Powerline.

Keegals, Grotts & Lachlan 1-2-3.

Apparently riding z2 for 3k+ miles in July in sandals is really good training for a 100 mile mtb race.


The ltraceseries IG has decent wee snippets on their story/feed.

Haven’t seen Alex Wild since early. Looks like Keegan’s race to lose right now?

Shaping up to be a sprint finish for the women’s podium.

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Keegan with a pretty sound win. It’ll be interesting to see how he goes at Steam Boat tomorrow (I think he’s doing LeadBoat?)

I think he said on the podcast he’s doing Breck Epic. It also starts tomorrow.

Impressive ride.

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