LCL knee injury

About 9 months ago I replaced my cleats on my road shoes. I put them in the same spot as before. I noticed some inner knee discomfort on my left knee shortly after replacing the cleats. I went to my LBS to do a shoe fit and work it out. Nothing changed, I thought maybe a new cleat, just break them in. I have had 2 bike fits and 1 additional shoe fit and still have issues with my knee. I have specifically explained my problem with 4 fitters and they have made adjustments but, nothing has gotten better. I have consulted my doctor and he just recommended time off the bike and KT tape. I took 2 months not completely off just limiting myself to one ride a week to and from work. that was from October to the first of the year. and I still have off-and-on discomfort. I have incorporated yoga after rides as I was thinking maybe tight muscles were causing it. Has anyone experienced this before? If so what did you do to improve your situation?