Lastest TR update + elite Direto X + ERG mode = Problem

I notice recently there is issue with my ERG mode. It suddenly become very stiff at certain interval. I have to disable bluetooth, unpair and pair again. Look at the screenshot i attached. u can see at 2nd set, last few interval, i went higher because the trainer is so stiff.

my cadence is very smooth, like 95-100, so nothing wrong with my cadence.

time to upgrade my trainer? i have been using it for more than 2 yrs.

Have you emailed so they can review the logs?

I haven’t been on my trainer for a couple of weeks, but as a Direto X owner, please let us know what you find out after you contact TR support.

I have a direto XR and haven’t experienced any problems at the moment. I always use ERG mode.
3 rides a week indoors at the moment. 1 x threshold, 1 x VO2, 1 x Sweetspot

Will let you know if the situation changes