Lake cycling shoes - cleat spacer necessary?

I just got some new lake cycling spd shoes. I noticed the instructions indicate maybe needing a cleat spacer. This isn’t something I’ve seen before. I’m wondering if others with lake shoes have found a clear spacer necessary.

Longtime Lake shoe user. Just depends on the pedal and shoe interaction. You don’t want a gap when clipped in (your foot will rock side to side causing pain/hot spots). Also, you don’t want it too tight or it will be more difficult to unclip and/or eventually wear away the rubber on the bottom of the shoe.

Clip the shoe into the pedal and adjust accordingly. With Crankbrothers Eggbeater pedals spacers and cleat shields are available.


I had ordered a set of leatt cleat shims. Of course one of the cleats twisted but that might just be because I didn’t tighten it enough