Help with spin bike clips!

Help please fellow forum-ers!! When I am at the gym at work i get to train on a stages spin bike with power meter and have just bought some MTB shoes as I’m an tired of having to strap in trainers and lose power over clipping in. There is a picture below and I thought I had the right types but couldn’t clip in for the life of me today!!

Is it likely that the bike is too stiff and I need to loosen of the spring mechanism at first, have I bought the wrong ones (they are shimano spd on them although plastic), I don’t know what I’m missing!!

On the plus side they were very stiff and I managed to bump up 20watts on my ramp test, gone from 180 to 290 watts FTP with TrainerRoad in under a year!!

Thanks in advance

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Looks like you need to put cleats on the shoes.

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Yes, you need Shimano SPD cleats mounted under the shoe.


Brilliant thanks!! What have I got screwed underneath there currently then? Absolute MTB newb!

The pic is hard to review, but likely is the “place holder” that is put on the shoe for people who use them as on platform pedals. This is common with some shoes, and you have to remove all the rubber and “place holder” parts / material to make room for the actual SPD cleats.

Any local bike shop should have them for you as well, so you can get them today. Take your shoes in and they may well install them for you if you ask nicely.