Lack of progress Welcome to TR & the forums! You’re going to love it here! :slight_smile:

Yes, you have a massive consistency problem!!! :slight_smile:

If you want your FTP to go up, do this:

I don’t know how you got / picked the WOs you have scheduled for the rest of this week.

Delete them / do whatever rides you want for the rest of this week, but make sure you keep it all low intensity and low-ish duration so you are going into next week super fresh.

You can do this today: Throw Sweet Spot Base Low Volume 1 on your calendar to start next week, and stick to it like glue. I’d recommend setting your FTP at 195 - 200, not the 204 you got, but up to you. As some have said, it will fluctuate every day. Having it set just a couple low, you’ll kill WOs and advance. Having it set just a few too high, you’ll fail VO2s, get discouraged, etc.

Answer the surveys honestly, using the definitions here: AT: Easy vs Moderate vs Hard vs ... [Pass / Success Survey Responses] - #307 by mcneese.chad

Add in outside rides as much as you want as long as you don’t impact your ability to complete your WOs. If you’ve got the fitness to do a 2 - 3 hr extra ride on Thu night, no problem, as long as you still hit your Friday WO and can call it Moderate or Hard, not Very Hard or All Out. [One VH per week is OK, but not ideal, especially at first, when you’re learning what true fatigue, and getting into a hole, feels like.]

At the end of the block, you can run AI FTP Detect or do a ramp test if you prefer, but I’d recommend not doing either, and going straight into SSBLV2. Do the same; stick like glue, answer surveys, extra rides only so much that they don’t stop you from hitting WOs as Moderate or Hard.

Then run AI FTP detect or do a ramp. [I prefer using Smith -2 to figure out what my FTP should be set at.]

Then go to Build, and then Specialty.