La Vuelta 2022 Thread

anyone know if we can get International commentary in the US? either that or sign a petition to replace Bob. What an abosulte…


I just do GCN+ annual subscription and use a VPN to watch all 3 GTs on one service.

The time gaps were closer overall than I expected, but I the gap between JV and Ineos and QS was larger than I expected. I thought the gaps between those three would be closer to 5”-8”.

Nice that Gesink gets to wear red in his home country to start the race. Never worn a leader’s jersey before, so very cool he gets to do it at home now.


Likewise very surprising to me that any of the gaps were that small. I didn’t appreciate how technical of a course it was

Interesting to see Kuss skipping pulls so early in the rotation - my assumption is TJV was very concerned about him dropping and was willing to roll 7 deep to ensure they have a semi-viable back-up GC contender.


That and/or they clearly saw the power of the double team attack during the TdF and want to keep him in contention so they could try that again if the opportunity presented. You wouldn’t think anyone would fall for it again but better to have the card in hand.

No international feed on Peacock Plus? I hate the VPN hassle but it sounds like GCN+ for me.

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We’re not here to put socks on centipedes…

As an Aussie, hindley or plap with a nice showing of Sweeney in a breakaway or epic pull. Total antipodean bias.

When the hate for Roll / VdV > the VPN hassle.

I feel seen. :rofl:

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No love for Roglic? Everyone tired of daily Jumbo jersey handoff procession?

As early as we are in the race, admittedly having the 3x champ already have a 30 to 50s lead on his main rivals with a parcours that doesn’t appear to offer many chances for people to put time in him is not exactly setting the stage for a super exciting GC battle ahead. But it’s Roglic after all, he’s got keep it upright for the next 3 weeks. However much he’s recovered from the Tour crash I bet his injuries could be easily re-agitated if he hit the deck again.


I think I was slipped a dummy pass…

I’m embarrassed to admit I actually believed the ‘we’re not sure on Roglic’s form’.

Seems his form is looking good. Obviously. we’re yet to see his long climb performance and he has to stay upright. Still, he’s definitely not terrible :grinning:

It’s funny, the general sentiment was that he barely even decided to race, he was that bad. I feel played…

Never doubted Roglic. See my post 5 days ago :wink:

Didn’t expect these big time gaps in the TTT though

After yesterday’s stage, I sure hope Roglic doesn’t make this a boring Vuelta. He seemed to handle all the attacks with ease and never appeared to be threatened. Mads is on incredible form but even he couldn’t out sprint Roga in the final meters.

Really not warming to this edition yet, not sure why.

Maybe it is just a week or to early and there has been too much quality cycling. I’m worn out, unlike the riders (or are they)

JV have managed to offload the Red Jersey for a few days so I imagine everything is going to plan for them…Primoz looks like he still has the Lazarus vibe going on…it looks a foregone conclusion…that said you never can tell with Roglic. I think his bike handling is excellent, however, he gets some shit luck and doesn’t always help himself by riding conservatively when he needs to.

That finish today was amusing from a TV point of view.
Remco looks like he could be a serious challenger to the, presumed, Roglic supremacy


Good day for Remco but seems like things lined up perfectly for him today so TBD if it will be repeatable. He’s known for being good in the cold and wet and Roglic is known as being good in hot weather, bad in cold/wet, especially with the injury.

I haven’t looked at the long term forecast but it’s the Vuelta, usually it’s hot and dry so unlikely Remco will get many if any more days like today.

Either way, the race just got a lot more interesting.

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Glad to see we won’t have a JV processional parade to Madrid…great stage today.

Also good to see Remco be willing to just churn away at the front and burn everyone off his wheel. So many just give up if they don’t immediately get a gap. Sometimes it just takes perseverance. Awesome to see him pull it off.

But the race is still really close…Remco is a GT unknown and all the other GC favorites are still tightly bunched. Don’t count Rog out just yet.


Didn’t expect Remco to light it up today, but glad he did. Second week could be wild.
Mas also seems to be in very very good form atm.

Disappointed to see that Sepp Kuss is out. He’s my fave rider and was hoping to see him do well this year. Will be interesting to see what that means for JVT.

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Finally got around to watching stage 9. No chatter here? It’s Remco-time baby! Roglic is obviously not on top form (trailing Mas), but Remco has blown the doors of the GC group 2 days in a row. I assume he gains time during Tuesday’s TT, so it’s his race to lose now.

Mads climbing to take Green yesterday and Jay Vine’s 2 stages are also impressive.

I’ve enjoyed the race so far, but I’m a little worried the jerseys may already be decided.