Knee pain longer ss intervals

So im almost done with SSHV2
My left knee always hurt while in the interval this has been since ssbhv1,
i can handle the pain but its there always, its more an annoying thing than it really hurts,
I have had a bike fit and changed my cleats in all possible angle’s?
Its always the left knee… The right knee seems fine did not hurt one single time!!!
The position of the pain is more in the front below knee cap and more to the right. As the pain seems to switch side’s sometimes is more to the left side of the kneecap.
I used to have this also on the road sometimes.
I cant seem to find a solution is positioning? any tips?

I had this same problem with my left knee - finally fixed it when I changed out the insoles on my cycling shoes. I have high arches, but apparently my right knee likes the arch support, and my left knee didn’t - the insole was causing it to rotate ever-so-slightly.

So now I have different insoles in each shoe.

You also might want to raise your saddle millimeter-by-millimeter and test that out and see if it helps.

The most important point is that you shouldn’t ignore it or tough it out - this will lead to a full on injury that something simple won’t fix.

Good luck.


Ok thanks ill try this. How did u find out it were the sole’s.? And wich’s sole’s u use now

Trial and error. I have the Giro shoes that come with multiple arch support options/inserts and so it was easy to swap them out.

There are also a bunch of companies that will do custom inserts.

Almost all knee pain, in my experience, originates from the foot rather than the knee.

Only change one thing at a time and track your experience.

Also - if one leg is slight longer than the other, you might try a cleat shim.

This is a super annoying, but super important thing to fix.

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Ive changed my insole of the left shoe with higher insole ill do some SS work and let u know i Will adjust saddle to.

Changed sole’s and adjusted saddle still that feeling below knee cap :expressionless:

Anyway thank you for the input. Ill keep maybe a second bikefit? Or other shoe’s

I’m having some similar symptoms and think mine is ITB syndrome. Have started foam rolling after workouts and using an impact massager pre workout. Many YouTube vids on foam rolling techniques. Seems to be helping but I just started self treatment a few days ago. We’ll see hiw it goes.

Ok i have made an appointment with a really good bikefit center.
Its not cheap 350 euro and they take care of quickstep team so i hope they can fix this issue.

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I don’t have anything to add to this topic personally, however, this thread may provide some great information for you :slight_smile:

after finishing MVBP with no Problems at all I started BPBMV 2 weeks ago, also no Problems at all. Last sunday I did Antelope+5 according to the plan, not struggling to finish but felt terrible at the end. after I stepped from the bike everything hurts and my legs felt crushed, or better completely distroyed. The 2 day later Baird+6 was on the plan and the first time I wasnt able to finish a workout. No way, not the slightest Chance. My legs felt like dead, my knees and tendons around the knees hurt terrible and I assume itll take weeks to recover from that.
I don`t what but something went terrible wrong with that workout for me. Anybody with similar expirience?

Little update,

Took a week off.
Started again with tallac+4 as i have to finish the last week ssbhv2 wasnt the smartest thing.
Had some pain in the last interval but did manage to finish.
Hope it gets better soon.
The bike fit takes place march the 5th. Ill just hang on and bite my teeth.

Ok still having some minor knee pain. It is diagnosed pateller tenditis.
Gonna pick it up again soon.
Did some outside rides. And some hard intervals to.
Still 12 sessions physiotherapist to go.
He also said i need to work on my core stability.

Any update jensh?

Im still not using trainerroad. I’ve had an Mri scan wich showed Patellar Tendose.
Chronical paterllar tenditis more or less. Soon shockwave therapy and I hope its finally fixed after that.
The doctor said i can ride as much as i want. If i do daily exercices tho strengthen the patella.Im rinding outside now like 300-500km a week. Trying to compensate the Sweetwork intervals with some long endurance rides and some all out sprint, these do not hurt, the endurance pain i can manage.
Im only Little afraid to start trainerroad again :). I will try some small sweetspot intervals maybe tomorrow and see how it goes.

Sorry for my bad english its not my main language

I have this problem . My bone knee problem was reached acute . After cyclist treatment I heard about the name of shoe consultant . He advised to me which shoe are suitable for me . From than now I am co-existent with this problem .
Thanks for your post

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