Can’t seem to perform hard intervals

Every time I try to perform an intense interval session, I get pain in a very small spot on my left knee. Feels like a concentrated sharp pain (3/10) top lateral corner of my kneecap. Pain goes away after 2 days. It doesn’t hurt on the bike, starts a few hours after the workout. On the bike there is no pain. I have no problems doing 4 hour rides outside or tempo ride inside without pain with double or triple the TSS. It’s come to a point that I just avoid intervals completely for the last few years. I do value being able to ride outside comfortably for 4 hours rather than improve my FTP. But can I really just improve by doing tempo and endurance exclusively ? Or should I try to fix this issue?

Could be IT band or LCL problem. Have you seen a good fitter about this ? Seat height maybe.
I had knee pain located in front of the knee after hard steep climbing. Being older my analysis was a tendon or ligament issue. Added collagen before my rides. After about 6 months I was able to climb steep hills again. Don’t known if the collagen was what helped it heal.

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It’s not on the side of the kneecap. Probably the insertion point between the quad tendon and the kneecap. But only in one small area. Have seen a fitter a few years ago but this came up few years after.

Were you ever able to figure out the cause of this pain? I am having a similar pain during hard intervals and have not been able to narrow down on something that can relieve the pain.

I’d have a fitter look at you and/or consider adding some motion to your indoor trainer.

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