Knee Pain and Allergies

Until this year I had been an outdoor cyclist only. Living in northern Canada this means about 6 months a year followed by a long winter of laziness. Every spring shortly after starting riding I would start to experience moderate knee pain throughout my rides. By late June this pain generally would go away. I always chalked this up to my body just readjusting to the physical activity.

In Septmeber 2019 I started using TrainerRoad. I religiously followed a low volume training plan all winter. However, this spring (haven’t even ridden outside yet) I started experiencing the same knee pain. This had me baffled for a few days until I realized the one other thing I consistently start doing in the spring, taking Desloratadine to manage seasonal allergies. I took a quick read through the side effects of this medication and joint pain is one of them.

I have been off of it now for 2 weeks and within 3 days the knee pain had stopped and hasn’t been back. Now I need to start looking for an alternative medication to treat the allergies without side effect.

Just thought I’d share so others might be saved the several years of painful springs I had.