"Kitchen Sink" workouts

are there any benefits to “kitchen sink” workouts? or any kind of workouts where you touch on multiple zones/intensities? e.g. 2x20’ sweetspot, 4x5’ z5 ect ect.

or are you always best served focusing on a single training stimulus in each session to avoid blunting that stimulus (and also sacrificing the quality of that stimulus). these sessions can also have a large recovery time and generate a ton of TSS.

a scenario I can think this would be useful would be if you don’t have “training races” or group rides to give you some race practice before an A event. and even then I feel like the benefit of the session is mostly psychological - to be confident you can do such a large quantity of work over a long ride.

are there any other times/purposes for these kind of rides?

here is the opinion of one coach:

Some related discussion from a recent podcast:

Edit to add the kitchen sink workout that Coach Chad created following the concept above:

And then the minus versions that Cameron and I made based on the original:


thanks for creating the link at the relevant time in podcast. :heart_eyes:
oh and answering the question too :laughing:

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Thanks, but all I did was effectively copy the one from the official page from that episode:

All of those include time jumps to the relevant sections, as created by Tucker or others at TR. All I did was find it and cross-link here :smiley: