Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control repeatedly broken?

Hey everyone, just want to put it out there to see if anyone else is having issues with their Kinetic Road Machine Smart Controls breaking constantly.

I have broken 4 of them since October and it always seems to be the same issue, the resistance function stops working after about a month and of use on low volume plan riding.

Kinetic has been great and sends a new unit under the warranty each time but I am wondering what is going wrong.

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Personal opinion… Kinetic is playing in the smart trainer sandbox and doing a poor job of it.

Their original release was plagued with issues. Your case seems to show continued problems with the older design.

Add to this their initial release of the R1, which had issues immediately. Now it’s “out of stock” which implies a more serious issue to me.

I simply don’t trust any Kinetic product that uses electricity. I have a Road Machine that I love and will never sell. Bit their electronic models are trouble. IMHO.