Kids bikes - uk

Hi all, based in UK and my two lads (big 6 yr old and small 9 yr old) will both need new bikes next spring (their birthdays in February so will get them then). Any recommendations? Been looking at Isla (so expensive even second hand!), Frog 62 looks good but also saw Vitus bikes on wiggle which looked sensible weight and decent spec…anyone got any experience of these? New Vitus seems similar price to second hand Frog (think Isla will be too expensive even 2nd hand!)
Want something decent since younger one loves riding (and wants to try bit cyclocross next year) and eldest whilst not as keen finds heavier bikes hard due to his small size.


Buy one, use it, hand it down, hand it down again, sell it on eBay.

Done this 4 times. I can’t fault them.

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Would love to, but can’t afford the initial outlay for 2 bikes from isla

I got my 6yr old son a Wiggins Chatres last year from Cycle Republic (ofshoot of Halfords) and can’t fault it. Good Alu frame, decent components that will last. They do a good range and prices aren’t too bad.

I recently got a Vitus 16 from Wiggle for our five-year old son. It seemed like a good deal price wise, considering the spec and weight. So far it seems very well designed and put together, and we haven’t had any problems with it yet. Got it for a good deal as well - I saw the new models just came out so I guess that’s why!

I was interested in Islabikes as well, but being in Japan that wasn’t possible.

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Yep, might see if any good 2nd hand Frog 62 come up, otherwise Vitus 24 looks good

Check out Raleigh Performance series too, very islabikes-ey

I’ll have a look thank you, but look like might be discontinued as nobody seems to have any stock.

Raleigh performance great bikes.
Bought one for my lad from OTEC bikes in Halton and he’s loved it - performance 20
Would like to see it go somewhere it will be appreciated.