KickrV5 - drift in ERG-mode?

A bunch load of factory spindowns maybe :joy:

I made some more test this morning and it really seems like this is the issue.

Basically if you spindown your Kickr at the beginning of the workout (after warm let’s say). It will hold its calibration until you coast or backpedal (usually 2-4 sec is enough). Then it will throw off the calibration is seems and you basically have to re-do a spindown.

Perhaps someone else in this thread can see to see if you get to the same observation.

If that’s really what it is, it’s a MAJOR flaw and we should have the option to turn off the auto-calibration.

I tested this a while ago and I got the same drift regardless of whether or not I did any spindowns or coasts during the workout.

I get the same gradual drift even if I keep pedaling throughout.

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I think Im gonna use Powermatch with my Favero and not worry about what the heck my Kickr is doing anymore lol. It is too unreliable.

Im struggling a bit to understand you. By spindown, do you mean factory spindown or just auto calibration when coasting?

By spindown I mean a “true” spindown within TR DEVICES section (or wahoo app).


There isnt a “spindown” button in Wahoo app is it? (Before now of course with the new 4.1.2 firmware)

I did some testing with spindown using TR-devices earlier, couldnt seem to get any consistent results:

No exactly the button wasn’t there before 4.1.2

All of these is very strange…

The new fw hasn’t made any difference to my drift.

I did the donner TR workout that has 3x 12min threshold efforts and on the first interval my kickr was -0.5% the second -1.5% and the third -2.5%.

I then switched and did a zwift ride (the kickr will have had a chance to auto calibrate) and the difference was -3% over 15 mins.

I cant 100% guarantee that it isn’t my pedals drifting but I will say that my L/R balance was constant throughout so if my pedals are off then it is both of them by the same amount.

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Similiar experience. has also not addressed the resistance mode ERG issue some of us have been experiencing in ANT connection

Judging by how quickly this firmware got released after the previous one I’d guess it’s a either a really simple mod - like adding the ability to do a manual spindown - or fixing a bug they noticed was introduced in the December update.

Changelog now says “Minor bug fixes”.

Yesterday app said “Stability improvements”

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Same here with “Stability Improvements”. Ride yesterday started with Kickr reading 3-4% higher than Assioma pedals (first 20 of 120 mins), and ended with them in sync (0.1%) in the last 20 mins.

New firmware/app/etc. and consistent outcome today. ~10 watts low for first 30 mins and then rather than drift up it seemed to almost “snap” to within a watt or two at an interval change ~30mins in and then drift a watt or two higher over rest of ride. All in all this is pretty close and acceptable for long rides (slightly easier warm up) but not great for short (<60 min) interval rides.

No impact from a bathroom break (coasting) at ~2:30:00 in.

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It’s frustrating because the main reason I upgraded to the kickr was because I didn’t want to wait 15min for it to warm up - but now I seem to have to wait 40mins instead :man_shrugging:

I think the kickr reading 4% lower is reasonable given drive train losses - its the drift in the delta that is the issue for me.

I know I’ve got the (very good) option of using power match but I spent £1000 on something and I want it to be right and I love a good experiment :grinning:

This got me thinking though… trainerroad will have a vast amount of data from people using a kickr v5 and using powermatch. They would be able to spot if this drift is widespread among kickr users and perhaps feed the data back to Wahoo if it is?

Who’s button do I pess? @IvyAudrain maybe? :innocent:

Just got my wahoo kickr and then found my way to this thread…since I’m still in my return window, if you were me, would you return your kickr and get something else like a Tacx? Would you think that would be more reliable?

I’m not sure. I actually found this “issue” within my return period but decided to keep it anyway. I figured all trainers have there own issues and that wahoo seem to have a good reputation regarding getting faulty trainers swapped.

Well, it seems like all trainers have their own little issues.

Based on my own data (1xKickr18, 2xKickr20, Neo2 and Neo2T) I would say that from an accuracy point the Neos are better. But looking at my own data know, the Kickr20 drifts less than 1% if I subtract the first 15 mins/warm up. I would say its helpfull to compare your trainer vs a PM, but that goes for all trainers… If I just jumped on my Kickr20 and took a ramp test now I would get a result that was too high.

From an outside view the failure rate of trainers seems very high. So I would choose a brand that has good support. Wahoo seems to replace those faulty units fairly quick.

Based on what I have read in the Neo owners group on FB, it seems like at least the Neo 2T are having problems with overheating, so they are not perfect either.

I could have bought a Neo2T when I got my first Kickr20 replaced, but chose to keep the Kickr20.

I’ve come to peace with it… I just ignore the gap between devices for first couple intervals knowing it will converge. Outside of this been very happy with the Kickrv5. The long rides do seem more comfortable with the squishy feet, it’s almost silent, the feel is good to me. The multiple BT devices is helpful.

Really? or is this just a bias because those with issues talk about it and those that don’t stay quiet?
I would love to see some data on this, but i suspect its a lot lower than what forums make it out to be.