KickrV5 - drift in ERG-mode?

I dont know of course. Im aware that people without issues tend to stay quiet.

But the number of issues Im reading about in both Wahoo and Tacx owners group seems very high. It is very common to see people that have gotten their trainers replaced 3-4 times.

Personally I have had several trainers replaced, Kickr Snap(noise), Neo2(power reading 10% high), Neo2T(noise) and Kickr20(noise), and I have never owned a trainer for more than 1 year.

I had a Neo, ‘upgraded’ to the Kickr20 and have tried to see this drifting issue on my unit and it just isn’t there. I’m not implying it doesn’t exist on other posters machines, just saying it’s not universal. It’s a personal thing but I’m marginally happier with the Kickr than the Neo, in my mind they both function as well as each other in the fundamentals, I just prefer the feel of the Kickr.

As for which is more reliable, no idea, forums are full of anecdotes but there’s no way to extrapolate failure rates of different brands/models from info publicly available.

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Cross-posting to another thread where I’ve found similar issues with my KICKR V5: KICKR V5 power discrepancies

The behaviour seems quite erratic, but my latest observation shows a similar drift from 0 to 12 W difference vs a crank-based PM over the course of a 60 minute ERG mode workout: DC Rainmaker Analyzer