Kickr v6 firmware and pie

Firmware upgrade failed using samsung android 13. Tried many times.

Today, I was able to upgrade using neighbor’s iphone. This new version is supposed to work via wireless, thus removing the phone dependency going forward.

“Bricked” is perhaps a bit strong terminology, but it summed up my feelings at the time.

The adverts (and reviews) led me to believe that it performs firmware upgrades via wireless right out of the box. I also expected 10hz race mode. Both of these expectations are false.

Wahoo should perform this upgrade before shipping. It is shameful that they ship firmware that is years out of date with known DFU issues.

I tagged you and Ray because I relied on your reviews. I trust you will use this information to inform your audiences, and perhaps influence the industry. Many thanks.

Maybe they SHOULD, but they certainly aren’t going to take the time to unbox every unit already boxed and shelved due to a firmware upgrade. And that’s just for units they have in their warehouse. It doesn’t even account for units that may be shipped to and sold by 3rd party retailers.

That said, it sucks for end users that have to jump through a hoop due to the above issue with Samsung/Android 13 (i’m not an android user, so i can’t begin to feel your frustration), but IMO, this should be where they should focus their attention by providing upgrade options for ALL users… assuming it’s something they (Wahoo) can correct.

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Oh and Android 14 on a Samsung device is just as affected as the Android 13 OS.