Kickr Core problem

I think i also have the same issues i do have power on zwift:traineroad but its way to high and the trainer provides no resistance.

Just had the ESD death happen on my Kickr Core. The unit is 25 months old so out of warranty period. Any chance Wahoo will replace or am I completely out of luck?

there’s only one way to find out. phone them.

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Does the normal Kickr have the same issue with ESD?

I have now a Kickr Core for 2 years and still fine, but think about to sell this one and buy a Kickr.

Or is a Tacx Neo a better choice?

I can’t say with any certainty if it applies to the KICKR. It’s supposedly only on the CORE, but I don’t know for sure. The electronics don’t really seem any different, so I’m a bit suspicious. No proof otherwise, but haven’t really looked for it.

Neo has it’s share of problems too. You should do your research, get onto support groups, etc. The Neo 2T has been good to me, and so has the Saris H3. :man_shrugging:

One thing to note about the Neo. With TR, if you use Standard mode, it’s not supported. Only ERG, and Resistance. You’d need SIM mode to get the slope style, which TR does not do. I haven’t checked if the H3 is supported for Standard mode. The KICKRs are, though.

I can only say I’ve had bad luck with the KICKR V4, but good luck with the KICKR V1, so YMMV, clearly. The KICKR V5 has had it’s share of problems too.

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Thank you @iamholland

I have warranty till 1 december 2021, so before that date i like to sell Kickr Core before i got problems…
Where can i find the problems with Kickr V5?

I have a V5 Kickr and it suddenly after 3 months use showed no power, cadence or speed. After a couple of emails with support they are sending me a new unit. Arrives Saturday.

Note that it’s cold and dry where I live right now. My Kickr uses the Wahoo mat but is in a carpeted room. My suspicion is ESD but I’m not sure.

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Thanks! Ok, so preventive swapping from the Core to Kickr V5 isnt a guarantee that i dont get problems with the ESD…

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I’ve had my Kickr Core since December 2019 and it has performed flawlessly. Suddenly during a workout last week it developed a loud humming noise in the flywheel. Sent an email to Wahoo with a short video and Wahoo is sending me a replacement. Annoying to be without a trainer for a week, but happy to see Wahoo replace it after 2.5 years.


my Kickr started doing something similar this week. wouldn’t show power on the Kickr, so I got on my rollers (bike w/ Assioma pedal), and no power display either (but both devices showing “paired”). Had to click “forget device”, the re-pair to make roller bike work. next day, same thing on kickr, told it to forget the roller bike and the Kickr paired up. seemed more like a TR issue than a Kickr issue?