Kickr Control with elemnt and stages PM

Non TR workout question.
equipment im using
wahoo elemnt
wahoo kickr v2
stages L pm

The workout files I load on the elemnt are ERG files.

My problem is i cant seem to get my Wahoo Elemnt to read my stages pm and control the kickr from that power source. When I’m on erg mode the elemnt is only using the kickr power data which is right on target.

In the Wahoo fitness app iOS I have “control w/ ant+ power meter” and “erg mode power smoothing” on. i also have the ant+ power device ID typed in.
am i missing something?

Any help would be great.

I suggest you call Wahoo and ask. I had a different question about the same “control w/ant+ power meter” and they were helpful (but also told me it wasn’t fully supported feature).

Let us know what you find out.