KICKR core, element and PM

My wife and I just got a KICKR core, we also have an element, bolt and we both have power meters. I’m all set for using tr with PowerMatch but my wife is having issues.
She has a coach and she normally pulls her workouts from training peaks into the element and uses her pm for the workouts.
Now, she wants to be able to control the KICKR in erg mode using her PM As the power source as the KICKRs power is higher than her 4iii. She wants to run this all off the element. We have figured out how to get it going setup like this using the element app on her phone but not on the element itself.
Sorry if this is a noob question.

Still can’t find the answer to this and wahoo’s customer service phone line is closed :frowning:

I think you can use the Power Match trick below (Wahoo Elemnt section), and then run from the Elemnt as you have already done (where the power data will be from the power meter, even though it is controlling the trainer in ERG).

Thanks Chad, I’ll give this a shot tonight.

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