Kickr Climb and Training for Hilly Races?

So far, I haven’t seem much discussion on point. I might be recalling incorrectly, but I thought that in one podcast there was a mention about how you’ll get different muscle recruitment by having the front wheel higher.

Any thoughts on whether it would be useful to train muscles for races with long hilly climbs (IRL) for seated climbers?

It’s been discussed in another thread :

My understanding is this will be marginal gains.

If you want to get faster on climbs then focus all of your energy on:

  • losing weight
  • growing ftp

I would add it also may be helpful to do some intervals with lower cadence to simulate hill climbs. At least for me, this has been helpful.


Agreed, ERG mode and a cadence of 75-85 seated has been great for me for simulating climbs. I can’t see the Climb offering worthwhile gains, if you want to simulate it for cheap, throw a few phone books under your front wheel for a workout.