Hill Simulation

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Did anyone try HIll Simulation as described at https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/articles/201894264-Drills-Efficiency-Strength-Power.

Wonder how do you guys do it with ERG mode?

  • Hill Simulations (HS) - These are Tempo/Sweet Spot workouts performed with an elevated front wheel based on the typical grades you’ll encounter in your target events.

By raising your front wheel up to 6 inches above the level of your rear wheel, you can more closely emulate the slightly different demands that gradients place on your muscles even if there’s no conclusive evidence of its benefit.

Try to keep your cadence above 80rpm when seated and above 75rpm when standing.

Most of your focus should fall on the top and back quadrants of the pedalstroke and this can be achieved by focusing on lifting your knees upward and then gently kicking your feet forward, especially when standing.

These simulations are an attempt to increase the level of hill-climbing stress specificity as much as possible without riding actual hills

I have done them when I had my Wahoo Climb installed and manually setting a high front end.

For ERG, I just picked the workouts that had the power zones I wanted (Tempo to Sweet Spot usually), and picked a low-ish gear (34t x 17t or bigger on the rear) and stomped them out at a climbing cadence from 60-80 rpm.

I mixed in standing and seated efforts to keep it interesting and match the variations I do outside.

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