Kick and pull 8-2 then 4-8 or 12 then 6?

Hello everyone,

Today was a treat, « lazy mountain » recovery ride. During that ride @chad says start kicking at 12 and scrape at 6…
Pettit is from 10-2 for kicking and 4-8 pulling.

I guess both are good but which one do you go for?

I think both are just trying to work on emphasizing different, potentially-neglected parts of the pedal stroke with the idea that eventually your force is distributed evenly throughout the four quadrants

Neither, actually.

Breaking the pedal stroke down into quadrants makes me herky-jerky. Instead, I apply the muscle techniques I learned as a machinist, cranking handles (by hand, not foot, of course) quickly and smoothly all day, which requires moving my arms deliberately in circles.

This comes fairly naturally, since arms aren’t typically overpowered in one direction the way legs are.

On the bike, I just apply to my legs that circular sensation so familiar for my arms, and since legs are by nature more asymmetric than arms when going in circles, all muscles contribute proportionally.

Sorry, @Etienne_Beney, I’ll probably correct those to match one another just to eliminate any potential confusion. But as @madman2 stated, they both have the same aim and where exactly you begin each emphasis is less important than the added emphasis itself. Just keep it light and recognize that the goal is to blend the quadrants into one seamless motion on each leg, much like @Teuthis described. Good luck!

Thanks coach @chad