Different pedal techniques?

I started my first Trainerroad Workout 1 1/2 weeks ago and I realized that I am using two different pedal techniques. I hope I am able to explain them:

  1. I feel pressure beneath my feeds when I kick the pedal. This technic seems to come more out of the whole body. My hip moves a little bit.
  2. My upper body almost does not move. My lower legs and my feeds are relaxed. It seems the power comes primary out of my upper legs. This one is a bit more challanging for me, probably since I just discovered this kind of pedaling. It seems that since my upper body is very relaxed I cannot get power from it so it has to be substituted by the upper legs.

Oh, I hope you guys know what I am talking about, it is a bit difficult to explain.

My question would be which one should I focus on so it becomes my normal way of pedaling during long distance gravel/bikepacking rides? And when should I use the first over the second, vice versa?


Sounds like mashing vs spinning :slight_smile:

Seems like it. I wonder if we are talking about the same or difference cadence (like 60 vs 90 or something like it)?

If I Pedale in the first way I usually have an average cadence of around 84. In the second way I am at 90

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With cadence that close, I don’t see a huge difference other than working to be “smooth and efficient”. Generally, upper body movement should be minimized or you are spending energy that may be wasteful in a simple sense, or a sign of inefficient pedaling motion.

Cadence and pedaling style vary widely from rider to rider, and even within certain power and speed conditions. Hard to clearly state that one is superior than another without a closer look.