Kelly Caitlan Olympic cyclist

Condolences to Kelly’s family. Olympic cyclist found dead in her apartment
at 23 years old. So sad.



Heartbreaking. Her sister Christine says (article cw: suicide)

She just felt like she couldn’t say no to everything that was asked of her, and this was her only escape. She had suffered a concussion a few months ago and had not been the same mentally ever since. She was overtraining, and she needed a break. She clearly needed a break after the concussion because she couldn’t train as hard as she used to. She was seeing bright lights, getting horrible headaches and having racing thoughts, and still trying to go as hard as ever.

Concussions are terrifying.

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A team mate of mine knew her (same team) as juniors. She was brilliantly gifted mentally and physically from listening to him speak of her. Tim Savre (Project Echelon) was at the race under our tent the other day and had similar stories.

Very sad. Heartbreaking. My deepest condolences to her family. May she rest easy. If any of you are feeling down, depressed, etc… drop me a line. Always here for all of you folks. Suicide is real and deep. Godspeed


Stories such as this do a powerful job keeping life in perspective.

It used to be the occasional seasoned pro who took this path — Pantani, Luis Ocaña — now it seems more and more young riders are facing insurmountable stress.


Very sad, on many levels.

Kelly’s story is so similar to that of Olympian racer Gillian Carlton…but she made it through.

Also reminiscint of the great Clara Hughes and her struggles.

Both women now support mental heath initiatives — Ride Don’t Hide and Bell’s Let’s Talk.

And now more young riders are falling:

Sometimes it’s really rough out there.


Tate was a really close friend to me and the brother of an employee here at TrainerRoad. Him and I rode for the same Junior Development Team for a few years and trained together quite a bit since we both live here in Reno. He was one of the most passionate and motivated people I know and he will be dearly missed.


Sorry for your loss Bryce…I remember racing against Tate in our thursday xc series when he was just a kid…then he blew by me a few years later…Such a tragic loss…

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VeloNews Pod, ep. 129: Remembering Kelly Catlin with her brother Colin

So damn sad. Maybe its an excuse b/c I do enjoy my TR suffer sessions but I tell myself often better riding in here where its safe