Keep it or sell it?

How long do you guys hold onto gear you don’t use or rarely use?

I have a 2017 Orbea Ordu TT bike I use each season for a handful of races. It’s pretty sweet as I built it with eTap, Quarq PM, 165 cranks, Hed disc etc…I would take a bath selling it, however, not riding it and letting it collect dust seems pretty stupid as well.

Usually, the second I sell a big ticket item I regret it. Any words of advise appreciated.

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If this is just a period you’re going through where you don’t have time to TT/tri but you expect to come back to it in a few years, then I’d hang on to it (assuming storage space isn’t an issue). You’ll lose money on it and end up spending more to buy a replacement in future. And a bike that fits you well and is set up clean is always going to be fast enough to be competitive. Bikes aren’t getting that much more aero IMO, they’re getting better fit adjustment, better hydration and storage, disc brakes, etc.

If you think you’re unlikely to come back to TT/tri for the foreseeable future then sell it now as otherwise it’s just depreciating. You’ll lose money now but not as much as hanging onto it for a few more years and then selling it at a time when everything has gone disc brake and 12 speed (for example) and it’s looking dated.

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What size frame is it? :wink: