Selling a complete bike vs. stripping and selling parts

I’m looking to sell my road bike and have been debating on if I should try and sell the whole thing or strip it down and sell the individual parts.

It’s a 2018 high end aero road bike with eTap, carbon wheels, a power meter, etc. I’d love to sell the whole thing, but I see a lot of higher end bikes just sit for months and months on eBay and other sites. Anyone have any experience selling a bike piece by piece?

I’m thinking I could sell everything but the frame pretty quick which would be nice, but not sure if I’ll end up getting as much as I could if I sell the whole bike.

Part it out. You’ll get more than if you sell complete.

Reason being is that people are willing to pay a bit more to have the exact part they want now at a reduced cost when used and if you happen to have that part, you win.

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My experience has been that one generally doen’t get get the value back from upgrades in that you won’t get the sum of the parts in return when selling the bike complete. Parting out our may get you better return but it depends on your tolerance for selling stuff and in the end you may end up with a few things left over that don’t move with not enough to do much with

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Thinking shipping it piece by piece will be a lot easier as well. I’ve still all the original packaging for the etap, wheels, and power meter.

In that case, it’s a no brainer. Having packaging on hand makes it a ton easier, especially with eBay because you can print a label at home these days.

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