Good bye to a bike

We have the new bike thread, but what about the old bike thread where we show the bike we’re saying goodbye to? I’ll start as I just dropped off my 20-year-old Calfee at my LBS because they’ll give it a good “home.” Despite being in Zurich, Switzerland, they have a connection with Ritchey, with many old steel-framed bikes displayed in the high-ceilinged store, and, more importantly, Calfee, with my carbon frame being their first to display. The saddle is not original and it is missing a third “ok’d for racking” IM sticker that was on a previous stem, but it has the original 180 cranks and is “shod” with gatorskins on the original Wheelsmith MAVIC rims (I sold the race wheels long ago), the original Polar sensors :slight_smile: I bought it at Ted Ernst (with Ted himself spec’ing the frame & fitting me when it came in), later Triathlete Zombies, in Manhattan Beach eons ago, and now it has a good home in Switzerland…



Almost the first thing I noticed. :sunglasses:


Cool story and fitting placement!! My Calfee turned 18 this year so similar vintage :slight_smile:

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Great idea for a thread! Hopefully I’ll be able to add here in a couple of weeks when N+1 arrives. I probably won’t get rid of it, but relegate it to “back up” status and maybe bring it into work on the rare occasion I get to duck out for a ride there.

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Well I would hope not since getting rid of it would violate the rule you just cited. :grin:

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Some people get rid of bikes they don’t need? Well you learn something new every day.



I apparently have difficulty selling things - just look at my investment portfolio. :rofl: … oh, wait … :disappointed:

Seriously, I’m super excited to get my first new bike ever, but am equally stoked about having a backup / spare in case one or the other needs maintenance. It will also bring so flexibility.


Congrats…pics are mandatory once you get it!!

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Not exactly. They mostly post on forums that they should get rid of bikes they don’t need. Actually parting with bikes is a different thing entirely.

With that out of the way, let me tell you about the bikes I should part with…

Your comedic friend,


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–Develops totally inappropriate emotional connection to bike
–Tries to sell bike for way more than it’s worth
–No one buys bike for dumb price
–Bike collection continues to grow

Ad infinitium


Does selling bike parts count?

I’m emotionally attached to power meters, but managed to sell a Force/Red AXS one yesterday. Still trying to sell the Stages gen2 left-only 6800 crank arm PM before the Smithsonian calls…

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What length is the 6800 arm? Ultegra?

175 Ultegra and I just replied to someone from the Craigslist ad. Goodbyes are so hard.

Thanks … too long for my legs anyway. I’ve had more success using Facebook Marketplace than Craigslist, at least around northern Virginia / DC.

OK, I’ve hijacked this thread with non-bike goodbyes. Back to the original topic …

Reading Calfee story and nostalgia got the better of me…

(Old pic, its 11:30am and no beer in the house)

Had to put this screensaver back on my computer, from the glory days of conquering NorCal climbs on my 2015 Domane 6.2 Disc. That’s the top of Old Lawley Toll Rd, #5 on Pjamm’s top climbs in Napa Valley. Sold it to TheProsCloset and they sold it within a couple weeks.

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Hey, if I can’t take my bike from 18 down 8lbs, I gotta take it off this FatCat body!

There’s a reason I’ve held onto this Calfee despite not riding it since 2004!* It’s time to let it go now that I found a good home for it. (Not to mention the fact that when I move next year, I won’t have space for it.)

*it does have a new saddle because I tried to use it as my Kickr bike but my knees didn’t like the 180 cranks. Fun story: my wife tried to use it for a somewhat hilly charity ride from London to the coast in 2014, but the gearing was for the formerly 35yo (2003 era) me who trained 20-25hrs / week. It didn’t go well for her.

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