KCAL calculation change?

hi guys!
currently i am noticing a huge difference between kcal calculated by garmin connect and TR. garmin shows roughly 10%+ more kcal burned than TR for the same outside ride. in the past the two values have been more or less the same…

since this topic is also part of the current podcast edition i wonder if recently something has been adapted in the Kcal Calculation by TR?

thanks for the information!


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Hi! I haven’t heard of/seen similar reports on the TrainerRoad side, this may be a Garmin issue. Feel free to check in with the team at support@trainerroad.com so they can look into it!

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Garmin have changed what they report in their kcal field - it now includes the proportion of basic metabolic rate kcals for the duration of the ride, not just the additional energy used by riding. Its a very recent update from June, there’s a thread about it on here somewhere.


Link to what I have found out about this below.

TLDR, Garmin “fixed” a bug where they now count metabolic calories as a part of a workout. The numbers should be the same if you look at “work” in Garmin Connect and TR.


Thanks for posting this. Do you know if calories which now include your BMR are based on ride time or elapsed time? ( A couple of cafe stops can make a bit of a difference). Nice of Garmin to just slip this “bug fix” in virtually unannounced by the way! They obviously don’t feel the metric is particularly important.

No sorry, all my info comes from @sicou2’s post above.

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I did not know the answer to this so I did some testing.

The answer to your question seems to be that the “resting calories” are based on your heart rate from a HRM. Further, Garmin does not seem to count calories while an activity is stopped/paused.

Hope that helps!

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