Kask Crash replacement

My wife had a nasty crash almost 2 weeks ago suffering a concussion, fractured scapula and clavicle, she’s on the mend and will fully recover which is great. Her brand new Kask Protone took a beating, it has 5-6 cracks right through the foam and massive road rash, it literally saved her life.
We are very grateful that she had that helmet and will get getting another. Per the Kask website they offer a 50% crash replacement. We’ve reached out to the retailer, Kask North America and Kask international and no one has returned emails.

Does anyone have any experience with Kask regarding crash replacements?

My friend went over his handlebars and slid down the road on his Protone. Helmet destroyed, head fine. His retailer, Competitive Cyclist, handled the claim with Kask. Apparently, Kask’s US distributor, HighwayTwo, made the refund directly to CC.

Thankfully your wife is OK!

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Awesome, thanks for the info!

In the UK the crash replacement is processed by the distributor. I also smashed up my protone after touching wheels in a chain gang and coming down and will have to use it. Fortunately though it took the majority of the impact and other than being a bit grazed no other damage was done. Amazingly, the bike escaped without a scratch and I took no one else down :+1: