Kaitlin Armstrong Apprehended

Found in Costa Rica…to be extradited and sent to US.

Glad they finally found her.


With a fake passport and plastic surgery too. I think we now know why she flew to New Jersey first :rofl:


I’d be interested to know how she was actually caught. A tip? Marshall’s put pressure on her family/friends and they caved? She got intoxicated on the beach and couldn’t keep her mouth shut?

It’s certainly a sad story, but I’ll give her credit in the plastic surgery, fake passport, cash transactions, and actually getting out of the country when she was wanted. That’s pretty impressive and actually makes me wonder if the whole thing had been planned for a while. Coming up with all of that immediately after murdering someone strikes me as a lot to get accomplished in less than a weeks time - but maybe I’m way off on that.


agree - she’s the best yoga mastermind killer of our time (alleged)

You are giving her too much credit. Costa Rica is a strong ally of the U.S. A more intelligent person would have chosen a communist country, most likely in Asia, that does not have reciprocity with the U.S., including Russia.


I’m aware of Costa Rica and US relations as I’ve been to Tamarindo multiple times to surf

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Agree, and now the first degree charge makes a bit more sense.

As opposed to “person of interest” or “wanted for questioning” or other things I see in movies

Plastic surgery in Latin America is somewhat less expensive.
I have heard of women who get augmentation in the front and back, plus lipo and other stuff, and they dont spend 10k on it all.

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A ‘used jeeps worth’ you say


A used jeep that has been totaled (in today’s market)

It doesn’t sound planned at all. You certainly don’t use use gun in your name, your car, or commit the crime at a known location where the body is going to quickly be found. It probably works best if the body is never found.

I give her props for the quick thinking, fake papers, and flight out of the country. I wonder if she had help in NJ? It’s the making of a movie. It’s just sad that all this happened in real life and a young woman lost her life for flirting with a guy.

I agree that she should have fled to Asia some other more obscure location, or got on a boat to nowhere.

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Why chose that country?

I would have been in Belize or Bali

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It’s a common getaway spot from Texas. It’s cheap, has a stable democracy, and there is a large American expat population.

But she fled to CR via New Jersey.

Where she got her passport, and she’s from Texas

Posts on reddit seemed to suggest that her sister lives on the east coast and that she used her sister’s passport. She didn’t obtain some awesome fake passport that would get her through an international airport.


Photo of Kaitlin from interpol tweet

Edit: I was wondering how on earth it is possible to fly on a fake passport in 2022? That too out of the US- a country that is a leader in technology. There is great technology out there that detects fake passports and other travel documents.

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The assumption is that she flew to New Jersey to meet her sister who lives in New York and took her passport. They almost look like twins.

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This has to put her sister in some legal jeopardy as well. I guess it depends on how convincing the ‘she stole my passport without my help or consent’ story is.


Honestly man, I could get out of the country on my brothers passport. 2 years apart but to someone that doesn’t know us, I could pass in an airport.