Justin Williams on UK News

This popped up on an Australian news site but its from the UK. Pretty much a brief summary of what he said on the podcast but now it’s mainstream!


I’m from the UK but haven’t seen this - any idea what channel it was on?

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Well, I guess I’m making an assumption that it’s a UK story based on the accent of the journalist. It could be they are working for SBS Australia. The video didn’t identify any media outlet. Upon watching it again I realise the story is based in USA, so it might even be US media! I should stop making assumptions about people…

Great to see Justin getting some airtime, he’s an awesome dude and athlete!

Unless it’s Team Sky/Ineos winning the TdF/Giro/Vuelta or a British rider winning something then cycling just doesn’t make mainstream UK media.

I’ll watch that later. Ta.

You forgot when it’s a cyclist jumping a red light :slight_smile:


Thought it’s worth sharing this here, BBC Sport just published an article about Justin, Cory and L39ion.

Again, it’s a summary of what we already know from the TrainerRoad podcast and other avenues, but good to see it published on mainstream UK news :+1:


or hitting a pedestrian - then it’s everywhere! and not just the daily “fail” :slight_smile: