Just committed to race in 4 weeks - What to do with Training Plan?

I just decided to do the Tahoe Trail 100K. I am currently ending Base 2 (on the final week of relatively easy endurance, ending on 6/19) on a LVRoadRace plan that goes through the whole year since I didn’t have any races planned (just want to get faster).

If I recalculate my Plan to adjust for the A event, it looks like TR throws me straight into an XC Marathon specialty phase for the next 4 weeks leading up to the race. I’m concerned about skipping out on my Build phase that I’ve waited so long to get to (Base 1, Base 2, then build). I’m also concerned that I would be skipping my hard earned endurance week from this block (hell yes I want 3x endurance rides this week!)

I would like to do well on the race, but not sacrifice any gains by skipping the Build phase and heading straight to the specialty phase. What should I do?

Recalculated Plan:

Original Plan:

If your training progression and overall gains are more important to you than a good result in the result, make it a B or C race. You’ve configured it as an A race, and you’re not going to build significant additional fitness in four weeks, so TR has shifted your focus to race specificity (looks like attack repeatability and muscular endurance) based on the discipline you chose for the event. If you change the race to B or C, you should get your old progression back with maybe a couple workouts dropped around the race date.