Join Adaptive Training?

Just a minor note, the progressions in Build are a bit steadier by default now since the plans were modified. There used to be some killer progressions in Build which would wipe me out (and apparently many others), the new plans have a much steadier PL increase (0.3-0.5 per week) as standard.

And of course, the other thing it will do is make the upcoming workouts easier (or harder) based on how you find the workouts.

Then the last option you have is Alternates - if you want to, you can just go into the workout in your calendar and select an Achievable alternate workout instead of the default Productive workouts.

I would suggest just giving it a go and adjusting the workouts using Alternates if you’re not feeling up to them on the day. Then AT will adjust your future workouts based on the PLs of workouts you have been completing, so it should be self-adjusting over a few weeks.

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