Its a sad day to be an American

Really sad day…WTF.


I never thought I would see the day when I agreed with a comment like this…


I never want ot hear another Republican talk about “Law & Order”.


I never thought there would be a day where I felt this way.


As an American dual-citizen looking at it from the outside, it’s a mess of emotions to see how things have been going, and where they’re going forward. Heartbreaking, depressing, infuriating. I don’t know how many have said something along the lines of, “I bet you’re glad you left when you did, right?” Never thought I’d hear that about leaving the US. :pensive:


This have me speechless.
This is horrible, shameful…
makes me sick.


Trump has committed Treason with his acts today
…not to mention all his acts since not accepting his defeat in the election. Why is he not being arrested?


There is no mechanism to arrest the sitting President…but the House needs to impeach tomorrow and the Senate needs to convict him immediately.

But they won’t.


25th amendment…section 4. It is time.


I mean, I’m pretty sure vigilante justice is exactly what leads to the current situation.

Obviously the current situation is awful though!


No thanks, had enough of that last summer.


In my view the bigger issue is why are those within his party not doing anything. There are too many that still follow him.


As a TrainerRoad newbie, I spend more time reading and learning from this forum than I do posting. But I want to offer my $0.02 and some reassurance.

Look, I get your frustration right now; I feel it, too. Some context:

I’m a naturalized immigrant.
I’m a black man.
I’m the proud father of a beautiful daughter.
I’m a retired veteran who has served this country for over 33 years (7+ as an enlisted man, 26 more as an officer).

So, I get your frustration. Remember, though, our constitutional bulwarks, though battered, are holding in the midst of this gale pummeling our house. We will come out of this, and as in the calm after the storm, we’ll pick up and fix up. It’ll take some hard work (always does), but we’ll get there.

In the meantime, this forum should be our storm cellar, a place to drown out the din of the overhead gale knowing it’ll pass. I come here to enjoy riders’ posts of pain caves, cycling memes, TR bikes, and whimsical forum names like Captain Doughnutman. Let’s enjoy each other’s company and this online respite. Just for a while, let’s try not to sully our joy with the tempest raging outside our storm cellar. Ride on, my friends, ride on.


I’m not remotely surprised to see his term winding down this way. Honestly, I have to admit, this has been an interesting, educational experience to see and learn more detail about the processes and laws in place surrounding the presidential election and electoral college, state vote certifications, etc. And today with mention of the 25th amendment section 4. I have a feeling this is the last gasp of contesting the election – after the certification of electoral votes, I think the country moves on.


Those are some great words…thank you.

Frankly I’ve been sad to be an american ever since 2001 and our drastic, racist overreaction to 9/11 and the creation of the department of Homeland Security the following year. The right of this country has been making a steady, relentless push over multiple decades to do away with the idea of decency or truth. What we have today is the culmination of that.

Don’t think that this is something that will just go away though and is an isolated incident. This is our democracy failing. Most healthy democracies that become this sick do not recover.


You’re welcome, my friend. I always…well, usually, try to find the silver lining in the dark clouds.

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As the sun began to set I stepped out to lower our flag. I was saddened to see it not flying with the luster it had this morning when I proudly lifted to full mast. I can only hope when I raise it tomorrow our leaders find a way to move our country forward and recover from this sad day. God Bless America.

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There appears to be no path for removing the patriot act and dismantling the massive security state that has ensued. It gets some mention from a few in congress, but that’s about it.

I think that is the most polite version of “no politics here please” I have ever seen - and I’m Canadian, we are supposed to be the masters of polite. Love it!


Definitely my intent :sweat_smile: