Its a sad day to be an American

The ‘no politics here’ thing is a very nice sentiment…but in practice, IMO, it is what allows lunatic conspiracy theories to take hold of people (like those assaulting the capitol). Constant, open dialogue is what can make scary, fringe outliers realize what they believe/do is not accepted in society.


That would only be true if it was “no politics here” everywhere right? Besides, it is not healthy to get your politics online where it is too easy to defraud, exaggerate and warp the truth. Remember, the internet magnifies extremism.


As a mod, I wish we still had no political topics here. They routinely lead to issues and personal heartburn, making this otherwise fun place a chore on occasion.

I will leave this topic (and related flags) to official TR reps to handle and will follow their lead as appropriate.


And @Captain_Doughnutman is half the reason I’m here. That’s not weird, right?


@anon67840561, completely agree with you that dialogue is essential to informing ignorance and resolving issues. My sole point was, in short, this is the TR forum, a place to enjoy and learn about biking, an oasis, if you will.


Here here, its usually a shining oasis of bikedom where the only disagreements are about things like training approaches, sock length, nutrition on the bike, …


I just earned a “nice topic” award for this post. It doesnt need to be deleted. Today was a huge day in american history…it will be talked about 100 years from now. The “avoiding the virus” thread gets very political…it is still here. Let users post there feelings about it, there is no harm in that…its a place to vent a bit…if it gets out of hand…lock it down.


Me, too…I put my flag out this AM, thinking we had turned a critical corner. I took it down tonight when I got home, in shame.

My $.02…just fold it into the “Things Need To Change” thread. Largely fits the topic and the thread has existed for awhile.


If folks don’t want to see it, there is a mute button :man_shrugging:


Yeah, just don’t get us all started on “what is the best FTP testing protocol…”


For clarity, that is an automatic notification and badge via forum settings, for when a topic gets 10 “likes”. Nothing more, nothing less.

As already mentioned, I’ve delegated action on this thread to TR reps, and will assist if and when they give me any direction.

We will see how TR wants to handle this. Might not happen until tomorrow morning is my guess.

Thank you! I’ve also removed the daily drone of manipulative news for more positive aspects of this great country. I appreciate your comments and feel in time most will as well.

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Which you have to turn on by opening the thread you don’t want to see in the first place. Or is there another way?

No, they really aren’t.

Every norm violated, ever subpoena ignored, every manipulation of the rules destroys those bulwarks. Doesn’t batter them, destroys them.


Not sure. But it seems you don’t want to mute as you have read this far down.

To the best of my knowledge, you must open the thread and scroll to the bottom in order to access the Mute function.

Who said he wants it muted?

I think he was just pointing out the process needed to use the Mute function.

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Well I hope the Trainerroad reps choose to leave the thread here. It has broken no community guidelines other than it isn’t directly about bikes or triathlon…it is however very directly about our freedom in the USA. At the time I wrote this topic the capitol was under siege, our freedom as americans was under threat, our freedom to ride bicycles was threatened…it really could have gone either direction at the time I wrote the thread. Right now it seems to have passed and it looks like democracy will recover but given the events of the last year, who knows what the future will bring.