ITB issue a month out from A event

I’m training for the Fred Whitton (112 miles, 3500m climbing, steep gradients) on May 7th.

Just been for my first hilly ride of the programme yesterday and picked up an ITB issue on my left knee. Combination of new shoes / cleats + big leap up in training load I think.

Can anyone with experience tell me how likely this is to keep me from taking part in the event?

Luckily on a TR rest week this week - seeing a physio and bike fitter this week.

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I’d say it depends on how bad the flare up is and how well you are able to resolve it.

I had a minor issue with mine two weeks before a four and a half hour gravel race apparently due to doing two minutes of body weight squats in the morning and evening. Pretty traditional overuse injury. I stopped the squats and did the stretch a few times a day (first stretch shown in the link below), and did a little icing and elevation. It was still noticeable enough a week out from the event that I considered cancelling but by the day before it felt fine and it was fine during the event and hasn’t bothered me since. I’m still doing the stretch most days (it doesn’t hurt so I forget) and it seems completely cleared up.

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