Is video workout in the workout creator working?

I have tried on multiple occasions to get my custom workouts to have one of my ride videos linked and cannot get it to work - is this feature functional?

Hey fasterstronger!

We unfortunately removed the video functionality a few years ago :pensive:

So sorry for the inconvenience. the best way to replicate the functionality would be to run your custom workout in minimal mode, while the video plays in the background. Start the TrainerRoad workout first, and it will count down β€œ5…4…3…2…1” and then start the background video. That way, everything will be perfectly in-sync!


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Thanks Bryce - any plans to bring that feature back? I am guessing not?

Unfortunately not :pensive:. We had some big issues with the video workouts in the form of lagging and crashing. Since opening them in separate windows creates a similar effect, we chose to permanently remove this feature.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you.

Strange. I made some video workouts in the past month. Imported I info associated w videos and things have worked.

HI Bryce - just following up on this - is this something that can be done in iOS? Thanks very much!

Unfortunately we do not have multi-window support on iOS devices :pensive:. This is a limitation of the operating system itself.