Adding Video Based Workouts

I first started using TR as a way to add structure and data to Graeme Street’s Cyclo HIT video workouts. You could drag and drop the videos into the workout and TR would sync them. I did the same with Sufferfest videos and I know why those workouts are not longer available.

I still have access to the Cyclo * workouts and I have the videos. I can’t seem to figure out how to add a video to a workout. Is this still an option?

I’m using the Win10 app, latest version. If this isn’t an option in the Win10 app, is it an option on a different platform?


You may be able to use the legacy TR version.

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i am new here, haven’t done a ride yet cause of an injury, but i don’t understand the video thing, why videos are only in the old versions ?

can i download the videos from the old legacy version and run it with the newer app with an external player ?

are there special workouts with videos, how can i find them?

We never had videos, but we had the ability to sync saved videos with the TR workout player so that when you skipped ahead, it skipped ahead in the workout too and vice versa.

This was especially useful for Sufferfest videos, where we built corresponding workouts to fit their a la carte videos. When they created their own workout player, we were asked to remove those workouts from our library, and around that time we stopped supporting Video Workouts since the demand went way down.

The Legacy Version still supports video workouts though, for those who have videos they like to play alongside TR. For those that just want to watch videos on YouTube, you can use the latest version of the application in minimal mode to allow you to watch the video while also viewing your power profile and target power. You can learn more about that here:


…or you can stay maximised and watch youtube over the top, picture-in-picture


ok, now i understand the reason, sorry, i am new here :upside_down_face:

indeed the sufferfest videos are really cool, last season i ride on Zwift and this season i want to make a change, first i looked on sufferfest, it’s really interesting, especially their 4DP Test to find out what type of rider you are.

Anyway, I will probably choose Trainerroad, for my first feeling it is better, but i miss some features too

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