Is this just bad tire grip, too aggressive of a line, or what? (Practice race crash)

I put on some brand new GP5000s today - and slid out at a practice crit. Here are the videos of it (my view and someone elses view).

Luckily it looks like both me and the bike made it out okay except for a broken gopro mount, road rash, and scuffs.

My view:

Alternate view:

Looking for some input as to how to avoid stuff like this.

I take that corner every Tuesday and I’ve taken it similarly to that before. I was planning to attack out of it.

Based on the alternate view and the view of the pavement post crash in your view, I’d say:

  • Looks lik you probably slid out on some sand or something.
  • While I don’t think the line was horrible, I would have gone wider and/or perhaps slowed a bit more. Since you planned on attacking out of it, I would have def slowed a bit more causing everyone else to accordion and really slow down as you dropped the hammer coming out of the hairpin.
  • Maybe check your tire pressure.
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Have not looked at the videos but I would suggest it’s because the tyres are new. Run them in for a few kms then use them as you should. Brand new tyres have a release material on them for getting them out of the mold making them glossy. A few k’s will get rid of this.


I think your weight distribution on the bike is a bit off. Although you’re in the drops, your arms looks straight and your body is pretty upright, and your body is leaning more than your bike:


Compare this guy who I randomly grabbed from the first corner of the first Nate race video I found, body low, bike leaning more than body, really weighting that outside pedal:


I would second this. New tyres probably didn’t help, but your body position significantly contributed to the crash.

Hope only your pride is dented and you’re alright!


I say the ant did it! :grin:


Do you know what the best way to correct this is?

Body should lean more than bike on asphalt. And on loose surface where you’re sliding, the opposite - body upright.

Arms look straight and locked, which is wrong. Don’t brake when leaned over so much.

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BTW I noticed that you tried to break your fall with your hand…

If you are falling to the side, I would keep my arms in and use the back of my shoulder, hip and butt to absorb the impact instead of my arm.


It’s hard to tell based on the speed and quality of the second video, but it does look like you’re leaning your bike too far over

Bunch of potential things, but your line choice wasn’t optimal and it really looked like the bike was pretty low and that seemed to be the main thing

What width tire and pressure were you running? Were they tubeless or clinchers?

GP 5000s, clincher, 95 psi

You look way too small for that much pressure

What width?

that’s the ideal way, but the difficult part is to teach the brain to do it that way. that is less than a split second decision.

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I find that in long 180 degree corners like that I tend to run out of patience and start getting ahead of myself thinking i’ve been corning for so long I must be done . . . That messes up my exit and, one time, caused a pedal strike on the final lap of a crit . . . You did not hit a pedal, but is there any chance you subtly started shifting into attack mode before you were done with the corner, just enough to upset things?

You were clearly on the limit so whatever happened, it could have been pretty subtle. Even hitting one of those little cracks wrong could have been just enough loss of traction.


I didn’t have any time to process it - before I knew it I was down.

My first Crit last week and the same thing happened to me on a hairpin turn running 5000 TL’s at 82 PSI, I chalked it up to being an extreme newbie. I eneded up burping the tire and had to get a pit wheel.

You could easily drop 15-20 PSI and go faster with better traction

How much do you weigh? I run 80 PSI on 5000 TL 25s and at 77 kg I’ve never burped them or even come particularly close. I’ve hit some pretty big holes as well. If you’re running a proper tubeless rim it should be nearly impossible to burp them


I am 210lbs (95kg) (big boy) and running 28s, I have pondering going a little lower but never did.

Watch this.

(Don’t bother telling me it doesn’t apply to bicycles. It does.)

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