Is this amount of fluctuation normal for Elite Direto X in ERG mode


Im am using an Elite Direto X since a couple of days. I have had a few trainers failing on me lately, so I have become a little paranoid :sweat_smile:.

Just completed my first longer workout in ERG mode, and the power seems to be fluctuating quite a bit. My short question is, is this normal?

Overall the intervals seem right on target:



I have the same trainer and find mine does this unless I put it in the small ring and middle of the cassette. In the big ring it seems to emphasise each pedal stroke and then is trying to adjust the resistance to match. Give it a try and see what happens.
I post most of my workouts in what ride did you do today. Here’s yesterday’s…

towards the end of this one it gets lumpy as I was playing around with my gears and went into the big ring.
Give it a try…

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I have the Direto (not the X) and yes, that amount of variance is normal. I can even consistently “overpower” the ERG mode and ride at a power level above what the program may call for. Elite told me something along the lines that the Direto samples the power 12 times a second or something like that, which is why you see the variances. Sounded kinda like hoohah, but whatever…I have grown to actually like the flexibility it provides.

Also note that the Direto seems to have “floors” and “ceilings” for some years…so if you can’t get your power low enough on a recovery interval, just shift down a gear or two and it will adjust. Same for higher wattage, just in reverse.

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